Say you've had a rough week at the office, and you're yearning to treat yourself to some much deserved rest and relaxation. You've been feeling tense, so you decide that the perfect way to unwind is to indulge yourself with a massage. Even though you might think that is just a good way to kick back, massage actually comes with a ton of medically proven health benefits, one of which is improved circulation in your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. When you get a massage, your circulation is improved due to physical manipulation of soft tissue and chemicals released as a part of your body's response to relaxation.

Massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph vessels, thus enhancing circulation. Think of a tube of toothpaste: when you apply pressure to the tube, toothpaste flows out of the tube more easily. The same principle applies to your blood and lymph flow when you get a massage.

Heidi specialises in the treatment and management of soft tissue injuries that occur as a result of sports and occupational activities. Injuries that affect both amateur and professional sports people often fall into the categories of tendon strains, ligament injuries and muscle tears.



Based in Glossop, The Therapy Room offers Sports Massage in our bespoke clinic OR in the comfort of your own home. Sports therapist Heidi Wood offers all the benefits of a professional, high quality sports massage 6 day's a week. Over the years, Heidi has provided sports therapy to some of the worlds leading sporting professionals and also toured on a number of global sporting events.

Heidi is professionally qualified and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Whether you require regular sports massages to help improve performance, or require therapy to assist with an injury, Heidi with her wealth of knowledge and expertise may be able to offer a solution.